Hiking in ARAGÓN

Beautiful routes to discover the Matarraña

BECEITE: El Parrizal

We recommend to begin the ascent during the morning so as to find space at Parking Nº3 which is 6km from the village and the nearest point to the beginning of the route. There is a small parking fee.

Cross the chain and continue the dirt path on foot for 800m. During this walk, you will see rock paintings of Fenellasa and a botanical route. From that point on, the access to dogs or other pets is forbidden. For more information on free guided visits of this trail: Click here

After 800m, you will see a wooden walkway, this is where the Parrizal route begins. From this point on and for an hour and a half you will go up the Matarraña River (over paths or wooden walkways to avoid getting wet) until you reach a final point of the tour called Els Estrets del Parrizal: a 60m high, 1,5m wide and 200m long canyon. This part can be done only in winter, when it is dryer and one can access the canyon. During the rest of the year you will only get to the entrance. (Or bring high boots.) The return to Parking Nº3 follows the same path.

The Parrizal is near Beceite, 20’ by car from the Hotel Mas de la Costa****

CRETAS: SOLO House – Gallery Bourdais Albarran

“The art gallery is an important meeting and experimentation space to our artists, but the vision of an art gallery is limited to an enclosed space. So, we feel the necessity to bring our proposals beyond the white cube. Summer Group Show is a collective exposition in our landscape of Solo Houses, that integrates art, architecture and landscaping, allowing artists to work with other formats in relation to the environment. We believe that the experiences that each person may feel in front of the art pieces are necessarily different and complementary to the experience we get from a closed environment such as an art gallery.” Christian Bourdais y Eva Albarran.

This open-air exhibition of monumental modern art is located 20 minutes by car from Hotel Mas de la Costa****. To book this interesting modern art experience, call +34 911727513. Visits are on Saturdays at 11:00 hrs. For more information and maps on the subject: click here