Villages of the Matarraña

    We recommend visiting some of the quaint little villages around the hotel. Most villages feature architecture from the medieval, Renaissance or Baroque periods.

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    The pristine mountains and natural beauty of our region invite you to hike or walk. There are many excursions of various levels of difficulty in the mountains of the Puertos de Beceite. You’ll be able to get some fresh air and exercise while you walk and forget the noises of the city.

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    Bicycling and horse-back riding

    The landscape of the Matarraña is never dull. It invites the traveller to ride a bike or a horse and enjoy it to his heart’s content.

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    The Matarraña remains an undiscovered jewel, a corner of Spain rich in flora and fauna, a refuge for wildlife, a place for quiet but active family vacations. The region is criss-crossed by country tracks and greenways (rehabilitated former railroad tracks).

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